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How To Submit Your Website To Search Engines

How to Submit Your Website to Search Engines

Every new business owner wants their website to perform. After all, websites are supposed to bring in new customers, drive more phone calls, and spread the word about a business’ products or services. The first step often recommended by web designers and SEO’s is to submit your website to search engines. When you submit your website to search engines, they index your site more quickly and start to consider you for rankings on keywords, assuming your website is sending all the right signals.

Is it necessary to submit your website to search engines? No. In fact, Google, in particular, has repeatedly said that website owners do not need to submit their websites. Their algorithms and crawlers are smart enough to find and index websites on their own. However, it is a commonly held belief that submitting a site directly to search engines speeds up the process of getting a website crawled and indexed. The internet is a big place, after all, and a new website might not receive any attention in the short term from search engines. There is no direct evidence for this belief, but it makes sense.

How to Submit Your Website to Google

If you are looking to submit your website to Google on your own, without the help of an SEO, the easiest and most efficient way to do so is through the Google URL submit feature. All it takes is for you to type in your URL and click the submit button.

If you are a little more technology-driven, it’s a good idea to submit your site to Google’s Search Console. Search Console is a tool provided for free to submit your website and track how much attention it receives from crawlers, as well as a search traffic analytics. Search console is especially useful if you plan to use any SEO tools, such as MOZ or Majestic, with a Google Analytics integration. These platforms can all be synced to provide a comprehensive analysis of your site’s performance over time.

How to Submit Your Website to Bing

Like Google, Bing has an easy-to-use URL submission tool that makes submitting your website a breeze. Simply visit Bing’s Webmaster Tools page, create a login, and type your URL into the submission tool.

Similar to Google Search Console, Bing’s Webmaster Tools platform will require verification of site ownership. They offer step-by-step instructions in their FAQ on how to accomplish this. To verify your site, they will need you to copy and paste a snippet of HTML code into your website’s header. This may sound complicated but read on if you are not comfortable doing this. We have a solution for you.

How to Submit Your Website to Yahoo!

Yahoo! has not had its own search engine technology running on its site since 2010. Instead, they white-labelled Bing’s search engine, which means searches done on Yahoo! are actually done on Bing. When you submit your site to Bing, you have also sent your site to Yahoo!

Yahoo!, however, hasn’t given up on their search engine expertise. In fact, they have worked diligently over the past decade to create tools for small businesses to increase their search visibility. Remember how we said to read on to learn more about ways to submit your website to Bing without having to mess around with HTML code? Yahoo! has you covered.

Two years ago, Yahoo! released a website application called Yext. Yext is a proven technology that automates the entire search engine submission process, as well as automates the creation of business listings for local on over 70 popular local directory sites. As we mentioned in the introduction, it’s not necessary to submit your URL directly to search engines. However, search engines do look for mentions across the web for businesses. If there’s one tool you should use as a local business, Yext is it.

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