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1721 NE Cackler Ln.
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Drakkar Digital is first and foremost a digital marketing consulting agency. We work with your business to identify your greatest pain points and opportunities for growth, and create custom action plans to help you achieve your goals. Our services range from website design to search engine optimization, and everything in between.


While we have worked with large brand names at the national level, our focus is on local marketing to help you spread the word about your business. We’ve helped local businesses in Bend, OR achieve tremendous success in the digital space, which has helped them to grow their business.

We have a track record of success, and we can prove it. Download the case study below to learn more about just how effective we’ve been in creating enduring marketing returns for our clients.

A Modern Digital Marketing Agency

We are an innovative local digital marketing company located in Bend, OR. We serve clients in Bend, Redmond, Sunriver, and across Central and Eastern Oregon. Our goal is to help local businesses thrive because we believe strong local businesses contribute meaningfully to a strong economy. Drakkar Digital is a vocal advocate for supporting local businesses. That’s why we have shifted our focus from serving clients nationwide to serving our local community, and to help small businesses compete in the digital space with established national brands.

We build attractive, efficient websites designed to look good and to drive conversions. Every website is optimized to rank on search engines for SEO, and we manage social media as well as social media spending to drive new business.

We offer our services to small businesses, enterprise businesses, as well as local craftsmen, authors, and speciality concepts. Our goal is to help establish brand authority, legitimacy, and to drive new business for our clients. If you need a website, SEO, or marketing consultation work, give us a call a speak with one of our marketing and business development specialists.

We Are Website Designers and Writers

Our team is comprised of designers capable of making even the most mundane topic pop, and writers who can learn and cover in-depth topics to bring to light what a business does and how it does it. Our combination of artistic and word-smithing skill is what truly makes us stand apart from the competition.

With SEO experience at the national level

To date, our company has worked with clients large and small; from personal trainers and life coaches to national telecom companies. While we have engaged in projects across the nation, our focus is on local businesses.

We believe in creating value in everything we do for our clients. Each recommendation is designed to accomplish a goal or to reach a benchmark. We do not recommend services that are not needed or unrealistic, and we certainly never let on about goals businesses can’t reach. Marketing is all about expectations, and we make sure they are clear from the start.

Drakkar Digital is the parent company of several subsidiaries, including and Adrien International.


Visit some of the companies we’ve helped.

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iCertifi international type approval and homologation
Bend Personal Trainers


We are always looking forward to our next project.
Send us a note, and let’s get started on growing your business today!

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