At DRAKKAR Digital, we value integrity, collaboration and courage because there is nothing more valuable than an engaging and inclusive workplace for our talent and clients alike.

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Our agency, active since 2014 under the leadership of our founder, Simon Lauzier, has been affiliated with the DRAKKAR group since 2018. In addition to serving DRAKKAR, its affiliated companies and strategic partners in the ecosystem, our teams in marketing, communication, and technology also bring their expertise to an expanding client base within Canada and Europe.

With a presence across two continents, we represent a collective intelligence with a touch of local sensitivity. Our teams, based in our Montreal and Paris offices, operate under unified leadership in a multitude of industries including associations, the public sector, media, healthcare, agri-food, financial services, manufacturing, logistics and retail, to name a few. 

Beyond our sector expertise, our approach is based on professional collaboration, tangible results and a personalized experience every at every step of the way. Our core values of integrity, collaboration and courage, are at the heart of our corporate culture. We are committed to creating an engaging and inclusive working environment that benefits both our talent and our customers as this is where our agency's true added value lies.

Technology is always at the heart of our strategic thinking. It is the key factor that sets us apart in the market and enables us to meet our customers' diverse needs with remarkable agility and superior performance. Our commitment to innovation is reflected in major investments in digital technology and the establishment of dedicated research and development teams.

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