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Zone Franche and YMCM join forces with the DRAKKAR Group's marketing, communications and technology agency to position themselves as the partner of choice on the Canadian and French markets.

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Montreal and Paris, May 22nd, 2024 - DRAKKAR Digital, an affiliate of the DRAKKAR Group, a leading outsourcing specialist in the manufacturing and logistics sectors, is taking a new step forward by joining forces with Montreal public relations agency Zone franche and Paris-based agency YMCM. Since 2014, DRAKKAR Digital has been contributing to the success of organizations active in various sectors through a wide range of marketing, communications, and technology services.

"When working with the leaders of Zone franche and YMCM, we discovered a remarkable synergy and a shared passion for technology and innovation," explained Simon Lauzier, President of DRAKKAR Digital. “With a vision and a focus on convergence, we decided to merge our capabilities and combine our talents in order to drive our clients' business journeys."

The agency will continue its expansion in Canada and Europe, focusing on three main service areas: marketing, communications, and technology. This broader offering will include over twenty areas of expertise and be supported by recognized and innovative digital products.

Zone franche has been offering public relations services in Canada since 2010 and in France since 2017. The agency is acclaimed for its support of organizations operating within the French-Canadian ecosystem.

“The world of communications has considerably changed since Zone franche was founded, and these changes continue to generate new challenges that test our ingenuity and adaptability," added Marie-Françoise Hervieu, President and Founder of Zone franche, who becomes Vice-President and Chief Communications Officer. “By combining Zone franche's resolutely relational know-how with technological and creative expertise, I am convinced that we will consolidate our role as our respective clients’ partner of choice."

Since its creation in 2012, YMCM has stood out through the quality of its digital services support, as well as in event and impact content production.

“For YMCM, this alliance with a North American company will enable us to offer international strength while cultivating the proximity and local sensitivity that have been the DNA of our agency in France since its creation in 2012," added Céline Manesse, co-founder of YMCM, who becomes Managing Director, France.

“This new agency will be a real catalyst for a new era in communications, in which innovation, collaboration, and agility will be the watchwords for performing in an ever-transforming world," concluded Yoan Manesse, co-founder of YMCM, who becomes Vice-President and Chief Marketing Officer for France.

About the agency

DRAKKAR Digital's marketing, communications, and technology teams bring their expertise to a growing client base in Canada and Europe, thanks to a collective intelligence imbued with local sensitivity. With offices in Montreal and Paris, its experts work under unified leadership with a multi-sectoral approach. The agency is an affiliate of the DRAKKAR Group, a Quebec-based company with nearly 3,000 employees and whose headquarters are in Montreal.

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