Delivering On-Site Logistics Management to Clients

Skillfully managed the rebranding of Ekkinox, meticulously preserving its well-established reputation while effectively positioning its four main service lines through the development of a strong brand identity, a user-optimized landing page, and the execution of strategic multi-channel campaigns.

  • Strategy ideation and brand positioning
  • Development of visual brand identity
  • Design of a landing page
  • Management of multi-channel advertising campaigns
  • Social media management
  • Content strategy, copywriting and translation
  • Creation of brand materials and tools

Martin Roy
Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer

“The DRAKKAR Digital team quickly proposed several branding and design strategies for the new brand image, all within a very tight timeframe, demonstrating both their dynamism and remarkable attention to detail. We are incredibly proud of the result, confident that it will significantly enhance the brand's market presence.”